Changes to Our Re-Opening Protocols beginning November 27, 2020

The Diocese of Tucson COVID-19 Committee met with the Bishop to discuss the upcoming holiday season and the impact of COVID-19 on our celebrations.  The challenge is that we must continue to meet the needs of the faithful while at the same time protect them from the adverse effects of COVID-19.  At the conclusion of the discussions, due to the rapidly rising number of COVID-19 infections and the reduced hospital capacity to absorb more of the infirm,

Bishop Weisenburger is enacting the following directives:

1.  Sunday Mass - Sunday Mass will continue indoors, but Holy Communion is to be distributed at the end of Mass so that the communicant can exit the Church without unduly compromising social distancing.  Parishioners will continue to wear mask, social distance, and wash their hands before entering the Church.  During Mass, doors and windows may be opened to allow the circulation of air within the Church according to the judgment of the pastor.  Ventilating liturgical spaces might reduce the chance of infection.  Attendance limit will remain at 125 people. 

2.  Daily Mass - Daily Mass may not be held indoors.  Daily Mass can be moved to the outdoors where the movement of air might serve to reduce the chance of infection. Masks, social distancing and washing of hands is still required to attend.  

3.  Parish Offices - Parish offices are official closed for business, but will be available by phone, website, and email.  

4.  Our Lady of Guadalupe Mass and Feast of Immaculate Conception - These two celebrations will follow the protocols established for Sunday Mass above. 

5.  Funerals, Weddings, Quinceneras, Baptisms, Reconciliation - We will be returning Phase 1 Protocols when celebrating these events.  All are limited to 10 people.  Quinceneras limited to the child and parents for only a blessing.  Baptisms will be limited to parents and god-parents.

Diocese of Tucson's hope is that instituting the above will help us mitigate the spread of the virus, keep us safe and healthy, and allow for all of us to have a meaningful and joyful Advent and Christmas celebration.

May God bless you abundantly.