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Our Lady of Grace Parish will hold a second collection during all Masses this weekend, August 21st-22nd, to help bring relief to victims of the earthquake that devastated Haiti last week.


Please continue to pray for the people in Haiti.


Thank you!

Are you afraid to join the choir because

you don't know how to read music? 
We are holding Note Reading and Sight Singing Classes for 4 weeks

starting Saturday Aug 14th - Sep 4th in the choir loft

from 11am to 12 noon. 
Please contact the Parish Office to sign up.

Chant is the most ancient, prayerful and beautiful

music of the Catholic Church. 
Join us for an introduction to Chant starting

Sat Aug 14th - Sept 4th in the choir loft from 9:30am - 10:30am
Please contact the Parish Office to sign up.


Our Lady of Grace Parish is in a campaign to save all babies lives.  The Spiritual Adoption Ministry has been active in our parish for many years.  We want to save as many babies as we can through our prayers.  We hope that you and your family will help us by spiritually padopting an unborn baby.

  • It doesnt't cost anything but just a few minutes of your time every day.

  • All you must do is to pledge a daily prayer for nine months for a baby in danger of abortion. 

  • If it is easier and makes it more real for you, you can give the baby a name.

  • For the parents of teh baby, we pray that God will give them the courage to give their baby life. 

The special prayer is as follows (you may insert your baby's name):

La parroquia de Nuestra Senora de la Gracia esta en una campana para salvar la vida de todos los bebes.  El Ministerio de Adopcion Espiritual ha estado activo en nuestra parroquia durante muchos anos.  Queremos salvar a tantos bebes como podamos a traves de nuestra oraciones.  Esperamos que usted y su familia nos ayuden adoptando espiritualmente a un bebe nonato.

  • No cuesta nada mas que unos minutos de su tiempo todos los dias.

  • Todo lo que debe hacer es prometer orar diariamente durante nueve meses por un bebe en peligro de aborto.

  • Si es mas facil y lo hace mas real para puede darle un nombre al bebe.

  • Por los padres del bebe, oramos para que Dios les de el valor para darle vida a su bebe.

La oracion especial es la siguiente:

Jeus, Maria y Jose, los amo mucho, les ruego que salven la vida de (pueden insertar un nombre aqui) el bebe por nacer que he adoptado espiritualmente y que esta en peligro de aborto.


The Holy Trinity Homily by Fr. Jay

For copies of the pamphlet of the Scripture verses on the Holy Trinity presented during Fr. Jay's homily during Holy Trinity Sunday, please click on the links below: