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 Policy Requirements For Volunteers



Instructions to Apply for Compliance:

Complete and submit an on-line Application for Volunteer Ministry

  1. Apply online at

  2. Click on the “Jobs and Volunteer Opportunities” tab on the left side of the page.

  3. Scroll down to the section "PARISH VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES" and look for Our Lady of Grace Parish, Maricopa, AZ.

  4. Click on "Volunteer  -  OUR LADY OF GRACE, MARICOPA" and begin the process.

When you apply you will be asked for important information, here is why providing accurate information at the time you apply is very important:

Email address:

  • Please provide an email address that you regularly check. This email address is going to be used by the diocese, the background check independent company, and by the compliance officer. It is very important that you read your emails.


Three references: Please provide 3 references that you know they will answer the phone.

  • Please let your contact references know they will be receiving a call from Our Lady of Grace Parish.

    • Note: This is the part of the process that can delay your application if your references do not answer or return our messages.


Question about background:

  •  “Has a civil or a criminal complaint ever been filed against you that alleged sexual misconduct or child abuse by you or your participation in or facilitation of such activities (including internal complaints or allegations reported to management or supervisors at places of employment)?”

  • Please list complaints or allegations on record in your past, regardless of how many years ago it happened.  If your application doesn’t match with the background findings, your clearance may be delayed or denied.

Click here to contact our Compliance Officer: AJ Napolitano

Prevention. Protection. Accountability.


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