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"It is in giving that we receive." -St. Francis

If you were wondering about your offertory gift.....

Since the beginning of this pandemic, our offertory is being greatly impacted.  We would like to thank all who support Our Lady of Grace Church.  Your continued sacrifices have been a light in these dark times.  Even while you are away from Mass, please remember that the mission of our parish continues during this time.  Although our parish office is closed to visitors, we are still working for you our parishioners.  Fr. Jay and Fr. Cosmas are celebrating Masses via Live-stream, hearing confessions and carrying on with their pastoral ministry.  We continue to have operating expenses, ministries to support, and staff to pay.  Please consider using or switching to our online offertory that can be found on our WeShare account as: or click on the grey WeShare icon at the top left corner of our website for your offertory donations so that our parish can continue its mission.  For assistance with Online Giving, please call the Parish Office at (520) 568-4605.

Here are ways to continue supporting your parish and its mission:

2.  Bring your offertory envelope to the parish office building Monday-Friday between 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
3.  Mail in your offertory envelope to:  Our Lady of Grace, 18700 N. Saint Gabriel Way, Maricopa, AZ  85138

Thank you for your loving and selfless support.  We are in the midst of uncertain times.  Hopefully, our faith in God and each other remains constant.  The church is open for private prayer from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.  We are here to serve.  If you need to reach out to us, for yourself or others, please do not hesitate to call our Parish Office at (520) 568-4605.


Thank you for the offering you have made and are making to Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church.  You offering helps support all that we do at Our Lady of Grace. We could do nothing without the faithful offerings of its members.  Together, we are the Body of Christ.  When we are giving, we are being the faithful people God calls us to be.  

Our offerings bring about blessings on many levels.  We are transformed, made new, through our offerings.  Our offerings helps transform others. "To love another person is to see the face of God!" Let us continue to serve the needs of our community and beyond through our offerings.  

May the Lord bless you and smile upon you always.  

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